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Screen Capture Extension 

A Powerful Tool to Capture Screenshots AND Animations in Several Clicks.

Do you need to take a snapshot of a window or menu on your screen to put in your PowerPoint presentation or document? Using the Print Screen key in Windows is a drag. It can take screenshots, but it never captures exactly what I want. Capturing screenshots can sometimes seem like a big hassle. The Screen Capture Extensions was able to fulfill my needs and much more! I can capture a whole or part of a screen easily without having to rely on another program to edit and crop it. A picture is not enough?...then use the built-in animation capture mode to express content in a video. 

Start a Capture

  • Press a hot key or use the simple menu to capture that perfect screen snapshot for your needs.

What to Capture

  • Choose to do a full-screen capture, a window capture, or a specific area on your screen. These varieties of options make sure that you capture the exact content that you want. 


Picture or Animation

  • Capturing screenshots is excellent to place in documents, websites, presentations, and much more.
  • Capturing animation or video is great for tutorials, websites, or showing how something is done. This includes audio as well. (You can even capture animation limited to a specific region). 


Make Use of Your Captures

  • Screenshots: Copy them to your clipboard, save them as an image file, email it, or print them out.
  • Animations: Save it as a movie file and/or email it to friends! 


How To Use

  • Choose the area of your screen that you want to capture
  • Select if you want to capture a screenshot or animation
  • Select how you want to export the capture

The Many Uses of Screen Capture Extension

  • trying to show a picture of your computer screen to put in a document
  • when you want to remember something that you saw on a website
  • using animation to teach someone how to perform a specific task
  • trying to show someone a problem or error that you encountered while using your computer
  • grabbing a picture from a website when you are unable to right click and save it

Task Manager Extension 

A Powerful Tool that Really Lets you Know What is Really Running on Your Computer

Do you want to have full visibility of the resources being used on your computer? The Task Manager in Windows is just enough to quickly see what is running on your computer, but it feels like it is missing something or maybe it could be so much more. The Task Manager Extension for Windows is a complete tool that really tells you what is going on inside your computer. With its populated feature set, you now have a more in-depth look at programs, applications, processes, and system resources.

Complete Control in a Single Window

  • Nearly every single function can be access from the integrated Summary page. Each tab is naturally an extended view.


Discover Open Connections

  • In the age of spyware, digital attacks, viruses, and other security threats, it is important to keep track of the open network connections in your computer. 


Tracking Down Performance Issues

  • Move your mouse over any part of the graph to view the current application and process. Then quickly go to the process to freeze or end it. 


Customizable Views

  • Choose only the most relevant information that you want to see.


How To Use

  • Double click the Task Manager Extension icon at the bottom right of your Windows System Tray

The Many Uses of Task Manager Extension

  • view statistics such as processor, memory, network, and I/O usage
  • find out which applications and processes are bogging down your system
  • use port information to setup port forwarding or block potential problems
  • track potential unusual behavior of your computer system

PDF Printer Extension 

Create PDF’s from multiple file types in several clicks.

Do you need to send a PDF document to a co-worker or friend? Being able to create a PDF file is an essential tool that everyone should have. Sometimes we just want to create a PDF file without having to explicitly open up the file and ‘printing’. The PDF Printer Extension allows you to easy right click on a file and convert it to a PDF in a few seconds.

Right Click and ‘Print’

  • Just right click a file and convert it to a PDF


Choose the Options that Matter

  • Choose from the PDF paper size, the print quality, the PDF compatibility level, and even set a password on those extra important documents 


Convert Virtually All File Types

  • You can easily convert files such as images, text files, Word documents, Excel files, and much more.

How To Use

  • Choose any appropriate file, right click on it, and choose to print the file to PDF
  • If a program is able to print, then you can print to the PDF Extensions Printer to convert your current working file to a PDF 

The Many Uses of PDF Printer Extension

  • Send your files to friends into the presentable PDF format
  • protect your document with a password
  • Print any file or document to the PDF format
  • wanting to create a PDF in a single click

File Comparer Extension 

Quickly recognize differences between two text files.

Are you collaborating on a document and need to know what changes were made? I work on documents a lot and it is not uncommon for me to have multiple revisions of the same document. Many times, I end up opening both files and trying to move their windows next to each other so I can spot differences. The File Comparer Extension made my job so much easier. I can compare documents side by side all in one interface and quickly find the differences between them so I can move onto more important work. 

An All-in-One Easy to Use Interface

  • Select 2 files within the program and it will automatically compare them side-by-side 


Observe Changes

  • Find out the number of lines that are equal, how many are modified, deleted, and inserted.


Locate Specific Changes

  • Lines with changes are highlighted and color coded so that they can be recognized easily. 


Multiple Views

  • Choose the view that works best for you. Compare changes side-by-side, line view, or paper view. 

Paper View


Line View


How To Use

  • Select 2 text files in the program, one on the left and one on the right
  • Let the program automatically compare the files, then choose the appropriate view to see the changes 

The Many Uses of File Comparer Extension

  • You are collaborating on a document with a friend and want to compare two versions
  • You stumble upon two copies of the same document and want to find out which content is newer

Disk Analyzer Extension 

A Graphical View of your Hard Disks

I can never seem to find out the files that are taking up all the space in my computer. I tend to fill up my hard drive easily so I have to keep a constant eye on the amount of space that I have available. Sometimes, when I move or delete files, it isn’t quite enough to make enough room for my needs. The Disk Analyzer Extension for Windows allows me to quickly see a graphical view of my hard disks. With the powerful tools built in, I no longer have to spend the extra effort to find the files that are taking up the most space on my computer.

A Summary of Drives in Your Computer

  • The graphical view of your disks shows you the drives that are available as well as a representation of how much space is free and used.  


Quick Disk-Related Functions at your Fingertips

  • Launch the necessary programs to quickly get rid of used space on your drives. Empty the recycle bin, add/remove programs, or launch the disk cleanup wizard. 


Find those Space Consuming Files

  • Eliminate the files that take up the most space on your disks. Disk Analyzer can quickly locate the largest files or folders on a drive and you can delete them right then and there.


How To Use

  • Open the program, and select one of the available drives in the list
  • Choose the appropriate option related to the drive 

The Many Uses of Disk Analyzer Extension

  • quickly viewing the drives and the amount of space in your computer
  • do a quick cleanup of your drive or quickly access the tools in Windows related to the drive
  • find the largest files or folders on your computer and delete them
  • observe how much space is allocated toward your files in your computer

FTP Client Extension 

Access your FTP sites just like any other folder in Windows

Do you want to be able to upload files to blog or website? It is sometimes annoying to have to constantly open up a separate program to do a simple thing such as connecting to a FTP server or site. The FTP Client Extension allows you to quickly connect to FTP sites through ‘My Computer’ and be able to browse FTP sites with ease. 

FTP Locations All In One Place

  • It is easy to misplace FTP information. You only need to enter it once and it will be saved forever. You can easily access your FTP sites as simple as accessing your local disk drives. 


Configurable FTP Options

  • Be able to enter FTP options all in an organized interface. Choose typical settings such as ‘anonymous’, timeout, passive mode, bandwidth limiter, proxy server settings, or a secure connection. 


Integration with Windows

  • Transfer files easy to your computer from the ftp site. The contents on the FTP site are displayed just like any other folder. 


Keep Track of Transfers

  • Observe the progress when transferring files to your computer 



How To Use

  • Create a new FTP site and fill in the appropriate server settings and details
  • Browse contents of FTP site and choose ‘Transfer to…” in order to copy files to your computer. 

The Many Uses of FTP Client Extension

  • connect to a FTP site in order to download files
  • keep track of all your FTP sites so you can go in and out of sites easily
  • easily upload files to your website or blog to keep it up to date
  • send files to your friend by uploading it to their FTP server

Image Processing Extension 

Convert and resize images with this simple tool.

Do you want to be able send emails with properly sized images so the recipient isn’t struggling with opening or viewing it? Image Processing Extension is the answer. I want to be able to quickly convert images from one format to another or make quick changes to an image. Photoshop is simply overkill for me and many other programs have unnecessary tools that I just don’t use. The Image Processing Extensions contains only the features that are used most often without having to rely on complex or difficult to use software.  

Choose Your Image and Convert

  • Converting a file is so simple and easy to use. Just right click on the file and convert the image to any popular image file format.


Make Adjustments

  • Commonly used tools are right there to use. You can resize the image, flip it, mirror it, rotate it, and you can even automatically correct the color. 


Preview and Save

  • With a side-by-side comparison and preview window, you can quickly see what are the effects of your changes. You can even change the file format at the last minute if you need to.


How To Use

  • Right click the file that you want to convert and choose the Image Processing Extension
  • Choose the option in the Extension that suits your needs 

The Many Uses of Image Processor Extension

  • allows a web site designer to quickly make changes to match the needs of their website.
  • convert your image when you need to use it in a program that doesn’t accept a certain file format
  • be able to send images to your friends so that they can view them easily on their computer
  • you want to reduce the file size of your image so that you can send it quickly through email
  • remove noise from photos shot at night and old/scanned photos
  • adjust the brightness and contrast of your images for a better look

Compression Extension 

An easy to use tool to compress files with flexibility

Do you want to compress multiple files into a single file while reducing its size? Many programs make this simple task complex and hard to figure out. There are even some that lack the simplest functionality. The Compression Extension allows you to compress files with ease.

One Click Compress

  • Compress your files by right clicking a file and immediately converting it into a zip compressed file. You can even compress multiple files at once. 


Choose the Best Compression Method

  • If you need to squeeze every ounce of data, then choose a more aggressive compression method. The window summarizes the trade off between speed and compression rate.


Protect Your Files

  • Password protect your compressed files so that only you can access them or keep unwanted guests from accessing its contents 


Tame Large Files

  • Split large files into multiple compressed files to make it easier to store onto a medium


How To Use

  • Right click the file that you want to compress and choose the Compression Extension

The Many Uses of Compression Extension

  • packaging a group of files in order to save space on your computer
  • sending a large file to your friend in multiple chunks
  • you want to keep certain files private with a password protected compressed file

Document Converter Extension 

Convert documents in a click

Did you receive an email or file with a document that you could not open? Convert it to a familiar format with the Document Converter Extension. Many programs out there make this simple task complex and hard to figure out. There are even some that lack the simplest functionality. The Document Converter Extension is an extremely simple tool that gets the job done when you need it.

One Click Convert

  • Convert your document to any other popular document type with ease.


Choose from Popular Document Types

  • Choose to convert your document to PDF, Doc, DocX, HTML, RTF, and Text formats. 

How To Use

  • Right click the file that you want to compress and choose the Document Converter Extension

The Many Uses of Document Converter Extension

  • using your document in a program that only accepts certain file types
  • wanting to take advantage of the features of a specific document type
  • when you want to collaborate on a document and use the same document type

Search and Replace Extension 

Find files and replace words in documents.

The Search and Replace Extension allows you to search for files quickly in a single interface. Just type the keyboards in the search box. You can search in specific folders to narrow down the search time. With the built-in replace tool, you can quickly replace text as well. 

Search for Files

  • Search for files and find where they are located.


Replace Content

  • With the replace tool, you can quickly replace words in a document. 


How To Use

  • Run the Search and Replace Extension
  • Fill it the name of the file you are looking for and search
  • Select a file in the search list and choose to replace text if necessary

The Many Uses of Search and Replace Extension

  • search for files on your computer when you don’t completely remember the full name
  • you want to change all instances of a word in a text file
  • you want to find the location of a file that you have on your computer 

Shortcuts Manager Extension 

Find files and replace words in documents.

Open your favorite programs with just several keystrokes with the Shortcuts Manager Extension. There are many programs that we open up frequently and we just wish we could access them a little faster. With the Shortcut Manager Extension, assign any shortcut key to any application that you have on your computer. 

Select the Application

  • Choose the application that you want to be assigned to your shortcut key. This executable will run whenever the shortcut key is pressed. 


Select the Shortcut Key

  • Select from a wide variety of shortcut keys. 


How To Use

  • Choose ‘Create Shortcut…” in the Extensions menu
  • Choose the application that you want to open
  • Select a shortcut key to use

The Many Uses of Shortcuts Manager Extension

  • when you want to be able to open an application that you use repeatedly with just several keystrokes
  • you want to be able to open various applications with your keyboard instead of using the mouse

Explorer Extension 

Manage files all in a single interface.

When I want to move and copy files, it is a hassle to always have to open up two separate windows. Also, I tend to move windows constantly around just so I can properly see the files in a window. The Explorer Extension allows me to manage all my files in an organized window. Additional functions are seamlessly integrated so that I can do more than just move and copy files. 

An Organized View

  • When you are brought to the main screen, you are greeted with an organized interface that is intuitive and feels just like it is part of Windows. Multiple views let me have a full view of files such as side-by-side, top-and-bottom, dual-split view, and more.


Familiar File Management Functions

  • Commonly used functions are presented in toolbar so that you can access them easily. Do a search on your files, synchronize folders, cut, copy, move, rename, etc. 


Reset to Defaults Anytime

  • You can reset the window to the default view at anytime if you have changed the view.

The Many Uses of Explorer Extension

  • when you want to move and copy files from one place to another
  • when you want to synchronize two folders so that they have the same contents
  • when you want to search for specific files on your computer

Virtual Drive Extension 

Take Advantage of the Power of Virtual Drives

Do you have an image file that you want to use? Maybe you just downloaded the latest CD image file of your favorite Linux distro or you want to use the backed up image of a game you own. You no longer have to waste that blank CD/DVD just to be able to access its files. The Virtual Drive Extension allows you to create a virtual drive and access the files of an image. 

Add Your Virtual Drives

  • If you have an ISO image file, you can create a virtual drive which uses that image. It will create a ‘virtual’ drive that shows up in ‘My Computer’. A virtual drive pretends that you have a drive and that you have just ‘inserted’ your ‘CD/DVD’.


Create Your Own Virtual Drive

  • You can create your own virtual drive of a certain size. Put your own files onto that virtual drive and access it like any other drive.


How To Use

  • Open the Virtual Drive Extension Manager
  • Create your virtual drive from an image or from existing hard drive space
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