Top 10 reasons to use Extensions for Windows

  1. Convert documents, capture and email screenshots and animations, analyze your disk space, maintain keyboard shortcuts, manage FTP/SFTP locations, create secure virtual disks, search & replace text in files, resize & convert images, create PDF documents, and more!
  2. Save money on various tools that cost between $20-$100 each. Extensions already includes many commercial features, with more yet to come.
  3. Save time by not searching for and assembling dozens of utilities when you need something quickly done.
  4. Choose only those features that you need, when you need them.
  5. Make Windows more powerful and easier to use.
  6. Discuss, shape and influence the future of Windows features without waiting and hoping to see them in an official Windows upgrade.
  7. Resolve Windows problems and annoyances, such as Windows Explorer forgetting your folder view settings, or Windows forgetting opened folders after rebooting.
  8. Find reasons for certain system issues, such as why a file is locked or why your hard-drive is active.
  9. Bring back the popular Norton Commander® file manager of the past, with a new modern interface seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Windows®.
  10. Recommend Extensions to non-technical friends and family who may have trouble opening or converting some documents, creating PDFs, capturing and emailing screenshots, or resizing images.

See the fantastic potential value that Extensions for Windows can provide

New or Extended feature Extensions Windows XP Windows Vista Others
Seamless Integration with Windows Occasionally  
Number of Tools and Applications +12 +30 +40 1-2  
Disk Usage Analysis DiskView $99
Screen Capture Basic Snagit $50
Screen/Demo Recorder Camtasia $299
Windows Explorer (File Manager) Extended Basic Basic Directory Opus $75
FTP Client Basic Basic Cute FTP $60
SFTP Client Cute FTP Pro $90
Document Converters Leadtools ePrint $49
Task Manager Extended Basic Basic Security Task Manager $29
Keyboard Shortcut Manager Keyboard LaunchPad $10
File Compression Basic Basic WinZip $25
Image Resizer and Converter Basic Basic ACDSee $50
File Comparer ExamDiff $35
PDF Creator PrimoPDF Free
Virtual Drive with Encryption Virtual CD $40
Search & Replace in Files Advanced Find and Replace $30
New Extensions and free upgrades for 1 year    
Total Cost: $19.95       $881

Sure, Extensions for Windows may provide 80% functionality of other applications, but do you really need to pay 15 times more for complex features that you don't use? And best of all, Extensions for Windows will continue providing new features and increasing in value over time!

See the Features and Screenshots

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